Our process begins with gaining an understanding of your needs, attitudes, and goals.  We discuss risk tolerance and expectations.  We also review any employer-sponsored benefits.  This process ensures that important information is not overlooked.

The information gathered is essential to formulating an appropriate plan of action.  If appropriate and with your permission, we will discuss the findings with your other advisors, such as your accountant and attorney, to get their input.  We believe in using a team approach when our clients have other trusted advisors so that our recommendations will not conflict with each other.

We then consider which wealth management strategies are appropriate for you.  The construction of an appropriate portfolio and/or the use of other financial products are the means to achieve your objectives, so it is important to get a clear picture of what that destination looks like.

Once your program is implemented, we offer you continued guidance through updates on the performance of your investments, periodic review meetings, and economic updates.  We also encourage you to update us on changes to your life that will affect our decisions.