Our Firm

Machuga Financial Services is an independent wealth management firm.  We specialize in helping individuals and closely held businesses achieve success in accumulating and protecting assets and income.  We accomplish this through an individualized approach and technical expertise that have been developed for more than 25 years.  Combining this with a high level of service provides you the opportunity to pursue optimal results.

Machuga Financial Services was formed with the belief that in order to provide exceptional services, we had to be free from the influences present at many traditional Wall Street firms.  Unlike many firms, we do not use proprietary products and thereby are able to provide objective recommendations.  Our clients receive confidence knowing that they are effectively working toward their financial goals by using the guidance of a qualified professional who is committed to their success.

Our mission is to provide every client with the ability to pursue and sustain financial independence.  We believe every client can succeed if given the proper guidance.  It is a team effort that requires a commitment from everyone involved.

Our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network, an independent broker/dealer, enables us to provide a wide selection of products and high-quality services to help us address our clients' needs.