• Who is your "typical" client?
    While there is no "typical" client, most of our clients have substantial investment assets to manage for growth and/or income.  Often these are retirees or those nearing retirement.  Other clients have a likelihood of accumulating significant assets because of their ability to save.  We work with individuals as well as closely held businesses.  We start with a no-obligation initial meeting to determine whether there is an appropriate fit between our services and your needs.
  • Who do you work for?
    Thomas Machuga is an independent financial advisor. Only independent financial advisors working with an independent broker/dealer can truly say they report to their clients. Other professionals report to a sales manager who sets specific targets for sales to existing clients. They are also influenced to recommend the firm's proprietary products (those that only their employees sell). Under this scenario, how would you ever know if recommendations provided to you are guided by your goals or other factors?
  • Do you offer online account access?
    Yes.  Access to your investment account is available at any time through Investor 360 and can provide access to statements as well as information on your portfolio holdings and account history.  Of course, we always encourage you to call our office with any questions whatsoever.
  • How do you get paid?
    Almost all of our services are fee based.  For our portfolio management services, we act as a fiduciary, and fees are deducted from the portfolio based on its value.  This creates a scenario where our interests are aligned with our clients.  We fully discuss the compensation arrangement prior to establishing a portfolio or accepting any funds.
  • Where do your new clients come from?
    Most of our new clients come through introductions or social media shares by our current clients and by referrals from attorneys, CPAs, or other professionals.