• Who is your "typical" client?
    While there is no "typical client," most of our clients either have substantial assets to invest and protect or have a likelihood of accumulating significant assets because of their income potential. We work with individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients range in age from 18 to 100.  We offer a no-obligation initial meeting to determine whether there is an appropriate match between our services and your needs.
  • Who do you work for?
    I am an independent financial advisor. Only independent financial advisors working with an independent broker/dealer can truly say they report to their clients. Other professionals report to a sales manager who sets specific targets for sales to existing clients. They are also influenced to recommend the firm's proprietary products (those that only their employees sell). Under this scenario, how would you ever know if recommendations provided to you are guided by your goals or other factors?
  • Do you offer online account access?
    Yes. Access to your investment account is available at any time and can provide, among other things, information on your portfolio holdings and account history. Of course, we always encourage you to call our office with any questions whatsoever.
  • How do you get paid?
    Depending on the services and products provided, clients may pay management fees, commissions, or consulting fees. For portfolio management services, fees based on portfolio value are most common.  Much depends on the nature of the account or product.  For example, most insurance products have commissions built into their premiums by the insurance company, so, clearly, fees are not appropriate.  In any case, we fully discuss the compensation arrangement prior to establishing a portfolio or accepting any funds.
  • Where do your new clients come from?
    Most of our new clients come through referrals from our current clients or from their attorney, accountant, or other advisor. By emphasizing referrals, more of our time can be spent on providing valuable planning services for our existing clients rather than on acquiring new clients.